This is an overview of the Modere 5 Day Drop gut reset program with meal ideas and suggestions to help you along the way! Throughout my 5 days, I wished that I had a more detailed guide with ideas for the nutrition portion, so I hope this is helpful! Please note these are just suggestions. I am not a doctor or a registered dietician. Just sharing my favorite recipes and my own experience!

5 day drop meal plans

After a very indulgent summer filled with lots of vacations, drinks, and all the gluten free delicious food, I knew I needed some sort of reset to kickstart a healthy fall. I had seen a bunch of people posting about the Modere 5 Day Drop and immediately was intrigued. I’ve been using the Modere Collagen (Pure) + Trim & digestive enzymes for 2 years now, so I figured I would give it a shot! I used to turn to the Whole30 program when I would feel like I need some sort of reset, but I’ll be honest – I don’t have the patience for 30 days right now, nor do I feel like I need to eliminate food groups for that long. Five days is attainable and the perfect amount of time in my opinion.

After the 5 days, I lost 6 lbs (!!), I feel lighter, more energetic, and I have a clear head. Additionally, my skin is also super clear and I haven’t had any bloating in a couple of days. I also feel motivated to keep this feeling going and to keep eating clean, healthy, real food meals. I can’t recommend this 5-day gut reset enough! If you have a vacation coming up, a wedding, or you’re looking to jump start your gut health and create momentum in your health journey – this reset is for you.

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What is the 5 Day Drop?

The 5 Day Drop is a 5-day gut reset where you’ll get clear guidance on what & when to eat to optimize the gut-brain axis, lose digestive bloat, and increase energy. You’ll get a variety of pre-portioned gut health products from Modere to help optimize your results alongside eating delicious, real food meals!

What you can expect:

  • energy improvement without caffeine (although I did keep doing 1 cup of coffee daily when I did my reset!)
  • lose bloat and puffiness
  • a healthy glow
  • weight reduction

You’ll use an easy to follow guide (which I can send to you when you order!), have an optional Facebook group for support, and infuse your gut with a select & powerful combination of ingredients to release toxins and excess water weight.

What’s Included in the 5 Day Drop?

In your order, you’ll receive:

Revitalize: Supercharged minerals that nourish your body + support hydration and fat burning. Tastes like Berry Kool-Aid!

Digestive Enzymes: A blend of 7 enzymes + pineapple extract that help your body break down food + absorb essential nutrients

Probiotic: Achieve gut balance with revolutionary encapsulation technology, colonizes up to 5 x better than your typical uncoated probiotic strains.

Axis phytogolds: Optimize alkalinity, energy, & digestive health with powerful, bioavailable phytonutrients. It comes in powder form and you add a scoop to water.

*They recently removed the collagen packets and now encourage people to get a bottle of collagen of their choosing. I’ve included the Immune collagen in this cart!

5 Day Drop Meal Plans

The biggest request / question I’ve had from people is WHAT DO I EAT? As a gluten free food blogger with TONS of healthy, high protein recipes on my site, I figured I can definitely help!

I’ve created 3 meal plans with a variety of options to include throughout your 5 day drop. These are just suggestions and all recipes are linked for you. Please note that some of the recipes do include oils in the cooking marinades for the protein + veggie dinners. I personally did not want to eat boiled chicken and veggies all week, so I incorporated olive oil, coconut aminos, etc in some meals. Feel free to omit or make adjustments to your liking to make these work for you! And if you try any of my recipes and love them, be sure to tag me in your stories @maryswholelife 🙂

Also, make sure to refer to the portions section of the PDF that you received when you ordered (if you didn’t get it, email me at and I can send it to you!). This will show you the approximate sizes for portions of your proteins, fats, veggies and carbs.

I usually aim for 120 g of protein per day, and I was able to get close to that most of the days during my reset, which is great!

Meal Plan 1

Download Meal Plan 1 HERE  

Meal Plan 2

Download Meal Plan 2 HERE

Meal Plan 3

Download Meal Plan 3 HERE

Feel free to mix and match any of the suggested recipes and snacks along the way. I did include one cup of coffee in the mornings – but totally up to you if you want to do that! Also, I have a TON of low carb, Whole30 recipes on my site that can easily fit into this meal plan.

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